We say, ‘yes’ to that

The City of Melbourne has allocated $50,000 to assist small, local publishers like CBD News.

The council currently spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on corporate advertising with large media conglomerates, despite these publications having limited local reach.

When adopting its 2015/15 budget at a special Future Melbourne Committee meeting on June 18, councillors accepted the recommendation that:

“An additional $50,000 to be spent on advertising in line with Council’s small business grants program, with the funds to be directed to smaller innovative start-up or digital publications which are distributed or consumed in the City of Melbourne or align with specific council goals (such as sustainability).”

Cr Jackie Watts wanted to know whether this included print publications, to which City of Melbourne finance chair, Cr Stephen Mayne, replied:

“The idea is that it covers all small start-ups in the City of Melbourne. So it’s meant to be broad, boutique and newish-type publications.”

Cr Watts said: “As long as print media is considered as well.”

Cr Mayne replied: “Yes, that’s the idea.”

CBD News says: “Yes, Stephen, that’s a great idea!”

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