Totally connected

By Kathryn Lewis 

Michael Skubevski and his Border Collie, South Paw, are about as close as an owner and pet can get. 

Wandering through Flagstaff Gardens, South Paw does not appear to have an owner. The lead in Mr Skubevski’s hand is the only giveaway of where he belongs.

But the pair does everything together, including work.

South Paw hogs all the attention at Mr Skubevski’s digital communications job in the CBD.

“He goes everywhere with me, if I could go out to a bar and take him with me, I would,” Mr Skubevski said.

Road trips are a regular weekend activity for the two, who typically enjoy a drive down to the beach, one of South Paw’s favourite places.

“He loves the beach, he will always go for a swim,” he said.

However, a slightly colder destination could be on the cards for the three-year-old pup soon.

“Winter is coming, so I think this year I will take him up to the snow. He’ll love it,” he said.

The unusual name came from Mr Skubevski’s uncle who owned South Paw for the first year of his life before he was unable to take care of him.

South Paw’s office-working, beach-going antics are helping work his way to insta-fame with over 500 followers.

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