A total ladies man

Teddy the Jack Russell with owner, Debbie

By Rhianna Busler

Teddy the 12-year-old Jack Russell is a “total ladies man”, says owner Debbie. 

The small pup is the perfect fit for an apartment lifestyle. He’s very chilled out and loves to relax on his own personal couch at home.

“My husband has owned Teddy nearly all his life so he’s very much apart of the family,” Debbie said.

Admitting that Teddy likes humans (more specifically ladies) more than other dogs, he absolutely loves the city’s hustle and bustle.

“I moved to an apartment in the city about a year ago and love living here. It’s convenient to everywhere – the shops, work and public transport. It’s also surprisingly quiet, so it’s a nice environment to live in, ” she said.

Teddy might be a small Jack Russell but he still knows how to stand up for himself. Debbie said: “I think it’s the hunter in him.”

Getting his two walks every day, Teddy’s favourite spot for a stroll is in the Flagstaff Gardens. “It’s a very dog friendly park and it’s so nice to have a big space like this in the city,” Debbie said.

His party trick is to go up to a girl and lie down for a belly rub, Debbie said.

“He knows he can get the attention. He’s a bit of a flirt really.”

Taking the city life in his stride, the still youthful pup very happily calls the CBD home.

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