The puppy bunch

Amy Szuszkiewicz is a mother of two and considers her American Staffordshire terrier, Sookie another child.

“My children are all roughly the same age as her so they’re growing up together. She’s my third baby,” she said.

15-month-old Sookie joined Amy’s young family when her eldest son saw her and exclaimed, “My Sookie!” Amy knew then and there that she was his.

Amy and her children love going out with Sookie and bonding with their cute, fluffy animal.

However, like most dogs Sookie can be disobedient.

“Sookie’s favourite thing to do is run away. She’ll stay close but she runs off. She’s still a puppy though,” she said.

An incredible instinct dogs have is their protective nature towards their owner and their family.

Sookie is at a very territorial stage of her development and if she feels a threat towards Amy, she will stand her guard.

“If someone goes near my children there’s no chance. She’s a protective dog. She’s very protective of my youngest. She’s only three months younger than my baby so she’s very protective of him,” she said.

Most of all, Sookie loves food and will eat just about anything and lucky for her, she is able to maintain a trim figure.

“She’ll eat anything but she does like her casseroles. Anything with gravy in it she seems to down a lot quicker and she doesn’t seem to put on weight,” she said.

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