Team Doyle removes its website

Constituents will struggle to scrutinise the performance of Team Doyle during the new council term following the removal of its website.

When questioned by CBD News during public question time at the November 15 Future Melbourne Committee, Cr Doyle initially said people could find Team Doyle policies on its website.

Asked whether he did not know that the website had been removed, Cr Doyle said: “Well, the election is over but I’m very happy to make those policies available to people who ask me and we can do that through screen shots of the election campaign. I can’t guarantee that I can deliver them all.”

“We are a council now, not a Team Doyle council and, as always in consultation with my colleagues, we’ll seek to develop the four-year council plan and the one-year council plans and budgets. I may or may not be able to convince my colleagues to support them all but I’m certainly happy to provide them to anyone who wants them.  But they were, of course, publicly available during the campaign.”

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