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The morning after – still dancin’

The morning after – still dancin’

Organisers are claiming the most popular White Night event to date following the February 20 all-night event. They say 580,000 people attended the fourth White Night, which was spread across five precincts and featured 130 free events. They say it will return in 2017. CBD News was happier to have a look around at 6am

White Night returns

The State Government has confirmed the return of White Night Melbourne on February 20, 2016. Despite the success of the 2015 event, the government had not confirmed next year’s event until August 10. The all-night festival attracts hundreds of thousands to Melbourne’s CBD, as lights and lasers beam striking images and captivating colours across landmark

Chill factor for White Night

The February 21 White Night arts festival was more relaxed this year, making it more successful for participants than in 2014. The organisers changed a number of either Vancouver, New York or Hong Kong aspects to reduce the crowd crush at key intersections which gave the impression that fewer people attended. The attendance was similar

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