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Council elections:  Who cares?

By Shane Scanlan Municipal voters in the CBD and Southbank are the most disinterested within the City of Melbourne, recently-released data has shown. At the request of CBD News, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) has revealed by postcode where voters did not participate in last October’s municipal election in which Team Doyle was returned with

Swing to Libs in CBD voting

The CBD voted overwhelmingly Green in the July 2 federal election, but both the Greens and ALP lost ground to the Liberal Party. Votes cast in the five CBD booths show 6023 first preference votes going to incumbent Greens candidate Adam Bandt, 4016 votes for Liberal candidate Philip Liu and 2941 votes flowing to ALP

Residents are a low priority for council election

By Shane Scanlan If you are a CBD resident, the chances are you won’t be voting in the council election to be held later this year, but your landlord probably will. Fewer than a quarter of the CBD’s residents appear to be enrolled to vote and, even then, there is little confidence in the accuracy

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