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Residents could rule at town hall

By Shane Scanlan Residential interests may dominate the next Melbourne City Council if the Coalition wins the 2018 state election. On April 1, the Victorian Liberal Party’s State Council called on a future Coalition  government to “adopt in full” Petro Georgiou’s 2014 recommendations for local government reform. Most significantly for the City of Melbourne, Mr

Local pitch night launches inventor

A smoke detector that can tell the difference between burnt toast and a house fire has taken out one of the top three spots at the Australian China Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs (ACASE) pitch night. The pitch night was held on October 20 at Melbourne Town Hall. Ten competitors were invited to showcase their

Plenty of town hall intrigue to come

By Shane Scanlan Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has been returned for a third term, but he won’t have it all his own way over the next four years. Despite increasing his lord mayoral primary vote (from 41 per cent to 44 per cent), this support did not translate into the councillor election and he failed

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