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Favourite spot for thieves and deceivers

By Khiara Elliott Data released by the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria shows that the top crimes in the CBD during 2016 were theft related. “Obtaining benefit by deception” was the top crime in postcode 3000, with 3309 cases being reported over the last year. This was closely followed by “theft other”, with a total of

Hungry thieves target Queen St

Melbourne police are still searching for two men believed to have broken into a Queen St building in late August. On Friday, August 26, the two males entered the building using a fire escape adjoined a neighbouring building. Police have released CCTV images of the offenders who caused some property damage and rifled through the

Pokemon players preyed on

An increasing rate of phone theft has been seen throughout the CBD, says Sen-Sgt Adam Tanner. Sen-Sgt Tanner from the Melbourne East Police Station as well as Leading Sen Constable Glenn McFarlane said thieves were becoming more confident in their approach to stealing phones, taking them straight out of victim’s hands. Sen Constable McFarlane especially

City tower burglary and theft

Police are appealing for information regarding an alleged burglary and theft on Monday, May 29. Police say a man tailgated residents to get access to the mail room of an apartment block in Collins St, just after 1.30pm. The offender stole mail from various letter boxes inside the mail room, as well as a key

Local police campaigns continue

CBD police are continuing current campaigns during September. Acting Snr-Sgt Lisa Prentice-Evans, of Melbourne East Police Station, said Operation Minta would continue through September in an attempt to wind back illegal street begging. “The Salvos, the council and Justice Connect Homeless Law have been fantastic,” she said. Acting Snr-Sgt Prentice-Evans said police had been working with

City car parks are a criminal’s smorgasbord

According to CBD police, some criminals are making a career of stealing from apartment complex car parks. Acting Sen Sgt Giovanni Travagliri told CBD News that theft from car parks was a constant problem. He said police last month conducted a campaign called Operation Multi and succeeded in arresting and charging a recidivist offender with

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