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Guerrilla tactics!

Guerrilla tactics!

The years have seen Baby Guerrilla’s paste-ups grow literally and figuratively, from A3 to “ginormous”! Princess, the work pictured and installed at Russell Court, is 24 metres high and her largest piece to date. “One day I saw the daughter of some very dear friends with a tiara and a wand in her hand. Inspiration

Paving the way: the bitumen is Drasko’s canvas

My first encounter with Drasko’s stencils was on the footpaths of Windsor and Prahran. But it wasn’t until he ventured into the CBD laneways, that I was to learn of his identity. “My first foray onto the street was with paste-ups but I found this a very expensive means of expression. The other problem was,

MiKoniK pieces it together

Sometimes known as the Westside Puzzler, MiKoniK’s street art life began as a graffer. This was around 1989 and it led to an early morning visit from the law and him being unceremoniously cuffed and taken away to be interviewed. It was not long after this incident that he legalised his writing skills by taking

The medium is his message

Phoenix is the thinking woman’s paste-up street artist! In our interview, I made the point that he’s the only artist putting up work with any frequency that has a message. Everything else on the street tends to be decorative. To which Phoenix responded: “I think my work is political without it being about partisan politics.

They’re hooked!

Bali Portman is the founder and spokesperson for Yarn Corner, a group of highly visible and productive Yarn Bombers. A lot of people are dismissive of the activity as being too crafty and possibly “women’s business”, but I see it as a means of expression for those who don’t draw or paint and therefore wouldn’t

Cause and Effect

As Will Coles (CBD News February, 2015) now resides in Spain, V-T-R is out there on his own! Sadly, there are no-other artists putting 3D sculpture, political or otherwise on our streets. Originally from Nambour in Queensland, V-T-R (also known as Van T Rudd) worked in a casino for a short time. This he maintains

New generation of street art

School holiday program in the CBD is an off-the-scale artistic indulgence for hundreds of appreciative young people. In the case of Lily Nguyen, 20, and Levi Mills, 13, they were able to spend a week being mentored by the likes of renowned street artist Adrian Doyle at Blender Studios in Franklin St. For others it

The kindest cut

The artist known as “Man of Darkness” doesn’t relate to either title of stencil artist or street artist. “The stencil is just another medium that I enjoy using to best represent an idea that I’m trying to communicate,” he said. About four years ago he set himself up as a graphic designer in a studio

Even more Krankyness!

Early one recent overcast and rainy Saturday morning guerilla street artist Kranky (CBD News, November 2015), installed what could be his last CBD installation in this form, City Cleaners Form New Tactical Response Unit. With just a nod to Banksy, the piece takes the form of 12 rats parachuting into Preserve Place. Quite a “swan

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