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Speaking up – Communicating in vertical villages

Speaking up – Communicating in vertical villages

By Janette Corcoran The sheer number of people who reside in “One Big Residence” means that vertical dwellers live amongst strangers – or so many popular portrayals of high-rise, high-density living would have you believe.   Often our lifestyle is criticised for anonymous interactions occurring in towers of isolation where human contact is either deficient

Litter from the heavens

By Janette Corcoran, SkyPad Living Recycling is one way of dealing with high-rise waste but, unfortunately,  there are other routes taken by our rubbish.   Building based recycling is growing in popularity for vertical dwellers and we are told that there are just two key ingredients. The first is the recycling facility that best suits

Not just droning on !  

Last month a resident’s letter was published on drones in Docklands, raising concerns over privacy and safety.  As many depictions of our high-rise future involve drones delivering and picking up packages from our vertical villages, it seemed timely to look at the local state of play (or flight!). Regarding safety, research conducted by Dr Wild

Use your apartment space better

Space may well be the final frontier, but it is the lack of it that is the daily challenge for many high-rise residents.  While the Tiny House and Compact Life movements are promoting the virtues of stripped down living, many vertical dwellers don’t aspire to such ambitious minimalism. In fact space, and specifically storage space,

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