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Doyle damned

By Sean Car The City of Melbourne’s independent investigation into sexual harassment claims against former lord mayor Robert Doyle has returned four adverse findings. A special council meeting held on March 13 heard the long-awaited outcomes stemming from the first report of top silk Dr Ian Freckelton’s investigation into allegations made by Cr Cathy Oke

Town hall rocked to its foundations

By Shane Scanlan Robert Doyle’s troubles have rocked the town hall, with councillors uncertain about the future and whether the Lord Mayor will be back. Some councillors are unwilling to talk on the record, aware of the reputational damage being inflicted by the ongoing saga sparked by sexual misconduct allegations against Cr Doyle.  Others aren’t

Doyle drama – how did it happen?

Opinion, by Shane Scanlan Tessa Sullivan’s resignation on December 15 was not a surprise.  But her decision to take down Robert Doyle was a shock. Ms Sullivan never appeared really comfortable as a councillor.  Inexperience is one thing, but she seemed particularly sensitive and unsuited to the rough and tumble of politics. Was she doing

Why Robert Doyle should resign

Opinion, by Stephen Mayne  The imminent end of Robert Doyle’s record-breaking nine-year run as Lord Mayor of Melbourne hadn’t happened when this column was first written but, make no doubt about it, it is inevitable. There are now 4 separate women – ex councillor Tessa Sullivan, current councillor Cathy Oke, the un-named partner of a

Homeless epidemic divides the city

By Khiara Elliott Homeless camps around the CBD are drawing national attention and people are divided on what to do about them. One of the larger camps outside of Flinders St Station has sparked a number of complaints from the public as well as residents and retailers around the area. It’s been reported that the

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Transport Minister Jacinta Allan announcing geo-technical drilling schedule.

CBD is ready for Metro Rail disruption

City businesses and residents appear ready to endure Metro Rail disruption to achieve a great outcome. For businesses, the lure of even more visitors makes the construction pain worth it.  For residents, better public transport will make the city an even better place to live. 20-year-resident Shelley Roberts told CBD News, the disruption couldn’t be

Clustering for success

Working together is a formula for success in any enterprise, so when multiple businesses co-operate, the results are even better. On March 12, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle (centre) opened “The Cluster’s” second shared workplace space at 31 Queen St.  The Cluster is home to more than 250 business who turn over more than $200 million.

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