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You live here? How well do you know your city?

You live here? How well do you know your city?

Residents 3000 work closely with City Precinct, an active networking group comprising many of the city’s most innovative and interesting small businesses. Residents 3000 is a community group in the full sense of the word.  It is not just about meeting the neighbours.  We like to connect our members with the outstanding small businesses that

Our building has worms …

What did you say?  The Hero apartment building in Russell St has installed a communal worm farm to reduce general waste and to provide compost for residents’ gardens. Earlier this year (February/March), the Hero Owners’ Corporation took part in a City of Melbourne initiative to trial the effectiveness and practicality of installing a worm farm

Award for apartment safety project

Residents 3000 president John Dall’Amico and Leading Sen-Constable Glenn McFarlane have together created a new security assessment program for apartment buildings. To commend his efforts in the development and assessment of residential apartment security, Mr Dall’Amico was last month presented with an award on behalf of Residents 3000. The award was presented by Acting Inspector

Residents meet local MPs

CBD residents spent an evening with their local state and federal MPs last month, and ticked off the usual list of issues. The evening was hosted by Residents 3000 at the Kelvin Club on Thursday, June 2. Planning is always a popular political subject, with the prevailing wisdom claiming that there is actually “no planning

Noise, noise, noise – how to solve ….

You live in the city? There is going to be noise but you can cope.   The city buzzes with life. It is noisy but it is an active, alive noise.  It is people doing things.  Travelling on trams, digging up the road, constructing a building, fighting a fire, saving a life … This is

Snap Send Solve – the app for incident reporting explained

All it takes is a keen eye, a little caring and a smart phone. President John F Kennedy, in his famous inaugural address on January 20, 1961, said: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” As a resident or

Why should I join Residents 3000?

If you live in Melbourne’s vibrant CBD and you would like to feel part of a “big village” community, then become a member of Residents 3000.   The “3000” comes from the CBD’s postcode.  The association started back in 1992 when no one thought it cool to actually live in the CBD.  That was a

Even more in love with Melbourne’s CBD

Merilyn Parker and partner Wells Trenfield are big fans of the CBD, but love it even more after winning a dinner for two at one of the city’s best restaurants. Merilyn’s submission to Residents 3000’s recent survey of city living was randomly selected as the winner. The pair actually live in Clifton Hill, but have

Solar power in the city

Investing in solar is a major trend with one in seven home owners across the country installing solar panels on their roof to save on power bills and at the same time “save the planet” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   Residents 3000 members, whilst wanting to play their part in ensuring an energy intelligent

Lifestyle rules in the CBD

It’s official: People love living in the CBD because of its lifestyle, but hate the noise. Results from Residents 3000’s CBD Living Survey show that “lifestyle” is by far the most popular reason people like living in postcode 3000. Of the 237 respondents, more than half (52.7 per cent) nominated lifestyle, with a further 32.9

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