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Non-Australian citizens CAN VOTE

Non-Australian citizens CAN VOTE

By Roger Hersey What a great opportunity for advancing democracy in the CBD! It is likely that many thousands of CBD residents do not know that they can vote in council elections. They assume that, as with the state and federal elections, they must be an Australian citizen – but this is not so. It

Electric vehicles in the CBD – are you ready?

By Sue Saunders, Residents 3000 What should older buildings do about electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities?   Does your owners’ corporation (OC) know what to do if a resident says they need to charge their EV? As CBD residents, we have a vested interest in encouraging the transfer over to electric vehicles.  Imagine our busy

A greener, more liveable Melbourne?

By Bill Allan, Residents 3000 Giving more voice to residents and clear responsibilities to developers. Cr Nicholas Reece, chair of the City of Melbourne’s (CoM’s) planning portfolio and deputy chair for the environment spoke at the Forum 3000 meeting of Residents 3000 and EastEnders on November 2 at the Kelvin Club. While new to the

Behind the scenes – building safety

By Sue Saunders, Residents 3000 As a CBD resident, how aware are you of your building manager’s responsibilities to keep your building safe and secure? The basic areas that need regular attention are provisions to deal with fire, water quality, waste, heating, cooling and ventilation, electrical and gas services, security access and general maintenance. Fire

Development to slow

CBD residents have been told to expect a slow-down the rate of apartment development. Speaking to Residents 3000 on May 4, local real estate agent Scott McElroy said the recent change to remove off-the-plan stamp duty exemptions for investors was the most significant of a number of recent changes. Mr McElroy said the change would

A different look at homelessness

Community group Residents 3000 hosted a discussion with three key speakers on homelessness in the CBD on April 6 at the Kelvin Club. City of Melbourne (CoM) manager of social investment Dean Griggs, Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle and Monash Health doctor, Stewart Saunders presented varying looks at the multi-faceted problem, including causes of homelessness.

Getting to the heart of the city

The most popular reason that people choose to live in the CBD is its variety and closeness to social and cultural activities. The latest survey of residents by Residents 3000 shows that 57 per cent of respondents chose this as a factor which influenced their decision to live in the CBD. Other popular reasons for

Eyes wide open …

As you walk around this beautiful city what do you see?  What do you enjoy? There is Federation Square with its many cultural events, a gathering place for people to see, hear and enjoy.  Shady trees that save us from the unpleasant heat that is amplified by concrete and asphalt. High-class shops, restaurants and cafes

Trees culled for construction

Up to six trees along Exhibition and LaTrobe streets have been, or are in the process of being removed for tower construction. In October 2015, a local resident noticed the removal of a tree on LaTrobe St. The resident contacted Hickory Group, the builder responsible for the removal. Hickory Group said the tree was removed

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