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24/7 transport to continue

All night public transport on weekends will become a permanent feature of the CBD. Announcing the decision to continue the Night Networking trial beyond June 30, Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said: “Night Network is part of what keeps Melbourne the world’s most liveable city and it’s here to stay.” “It provides a safe, easy and

Free kick for retailers

CBD retail is booming on the back of millions of free tram trips within the CBD last year. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has revealed to CBD News that there were more than 19 million tram trips in 2015. “The majority of this increase comes from trips made in the Free Tram Zone,” said PTV spokesperson

Slow start for night network

The State Government’s 24-hour public transport experiment has started slowly, with only 15,000 people using the late night service after its second week. Only 10,000 people used the train, tram and bus service in its first week. This compares with an average public transport patronage of 1.46 million per day, according to figures in Public

Flagstaff active on weekends

Trains are now stopping at Flagstaff Station on weekends. The State Government says the change will improve access to Queen Victoria Market and Flagstaff Gardens, and make it easier for workers and local residents in the area to get home safer and sooner. The long awaited opening of Flagstaff Station on weekends and public holidays

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