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CBD security slow to start up

By William Arnott With an increase in the amount of vehicular attacks in populated areas, new security measures are being planned for Melbourne’s CBD in the wake of the Bourke St murders. Premier Daniel Andrews said the State Government was working with the City of Melbourne and Victoria Police to implement “everything from bollards, planter boxes

CBD dodges congestion tax

Premier Daniel Andrews has rejected Infrastructure Victoria’s proposed inner-city congestion tax. Infrastructure Victoria proposed transport network pricing to be introduced all over Victoria. More specifically, a congestion tax was suggested for the CBD, which would have cost residents $5 every time they left or arrived home. The congestion tax would work via a double cordon

Business counts the cost of holiday

Local businesses are hoping that Premier Daniel Andrews can admit a mistake and withdraw the grand final holiday by next September. Companies surveyed by CBD News were almost all universally damning of the holiday. Only William St barber Ibrahim El Osman was mildly supportive.  “City was quieter but we did OK,” he said. “But there

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