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Busking Pieces

Busking Pieces

There are plenty of great things to see and do in Melbourne even right here on the side of the street. Busking is a big part of this city and every day various entertainers from musicians, jugglers, magicians and even the occasional comedian can be seen performing for the people of Melbourne. What a show!

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen

If there’s one thing Melbourne knows, it’s how to decorate for the holiday season. The big green tree on Swanston St, the beautifully-lit Federation Square or even the famous Myer windows each year tell a different Christmas story. Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way but, as you can see here, Pieces is enjoying a nice

The adventures of Pieces

As spring begins to settle in and the weather is becoming a bit warmer, Pieces decided to travel the streets in style by taking one of Melbourne’s famous horse and carriage tours along Swanston St. Back in the early days, horses were the main source of transporting people and goods all over Victoria. These days

Pieces – State Library of Victoria, Swanston St

Introducing Pieces, a creation of Kalani Robinson. Each month, follow the adventures of Pieces and his 15-year-old inventor Kalani here in CBD News. Hi there ladies and gentlemen, Pieces is the name and my mission is to show you the best possible spots in Melbourne’s CBD. First up on our tour is an iconic Melbourne

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