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Buskers unplugged

Complaints about the level of noise from buskers has led the City of Melbourne to trial a ban on amplified sound in Swanston St for three months from August 1. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the City of Melbourne received 264 formal noise-related complaints about buskers from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2016. “Busking

The emperor is naked

The childhood story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, comes to mind to describe the farcical “solution” the City of Melbourne is pursuing to rid the CBD of its nightly invasion by garbage trucks. Municipal engineer Geoff Robinson parades before councillors wearing a shining, green, innovative, compactor-styled infrastructure ensemble which has been shown to reduce the number

Noise, noise, noise – how to solve ….

You live in the city? There is going to be noise but you can cope.   The city buzzes with life. It is noisy but it is an active, alive noise.  It is people doing things.  Travelling on trams, digging up the road, constructing a building, fighting a fire, saving a life … This is

Noise wars: A guide to CBD survival

By Shane Scanlan If you are thinking about living in the CBD, you would do well to find a spot in these three garbage-truck-restricted zones. The City of Melbourne bans garbage trucks in these areas between 11 pm and 6 am every night of the week: Flinders Lane between Swanston St and Mill Place and

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