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City Square traffic disruptions

City Square traffic disruptions

“CBD News” has the latest information on when and where construction trucks will be travelling to the City Square area during the early works of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project. Members from the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) and early works contractor John Holland told small business owners of their plans to minimise traffic disruption

City-changing projects getting underway

Looking forward to the year ahead, a number of works are set to get underway which will enable a couple of significant city changing projects to proceed.  Already streets and spaces are beginning to be closed off as contractor John Holland commences enabling works and site preparation for the multi-billion dollar Melbourne Metro project. A’Beckett

Finale for artists’ building?

By Rhonda Dredge Lawyers are advising tenants of the Nicholas Building to think about exit strategies, following gazettal by the Minister for Planning in January of the project land area for the Metro Tunnel.  Several hundred tenants occupy the building, which is one of nine included in a planning scheme amendment that paves the way

Metro Tunnel gets underway

The first major works of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project started last month with the closure of Franklin and A’Beckett streets. Franklin St between Swanston and Victoria streets and A’Beckett St between Swanston and Stewart streets will remain closed for the next five years to make way for construction of the new CBD North Station.

Who is caring for the city

Who is caring for the city?

By Rhonda Dredge The cold hard light of argument bathed all in its uniform shades during the public hearing into the environmental effects of the proposed Metro Tunnel.  RMIT is the major landholder near the CBD North Station. Excavation of a shaft and a cabin will begin in Franklin St in January, submitting the university

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