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Are missing floors missing heritage?

Are missing floors missing heritage?

These days, more and more heritage activists and city planners are faced with the question of how additions to historic buildings should be managed. These could be small wall or roof additions, or the addition of multiple new levels. And how do these additions affect its later heritage status? But what do we do when

Step up, Minister

By Tristan Davies, Melbourne Heritage Action Avid readers of this column will remember our celebration last year when the City of Melbourne finalised the West Melbourne Heritage Review, extending protection to many important places on the CBD fringe, with only the signature of the planning minister needed to put them into the planning scheme.  What

Walking the streets for the sake of heritage

Melbourne Heritage Action’s first ever walking tour took to the streets of the CBD in May, with both tour participants and tour guide learning more than they expected. The education extended way beyond the subject of the tour – CBD Pubs – and included the wider wealth of social histories surrounding much of our city’s

Towers threaten unprotected Melbourne heritage

There’s no denying the scale of the change the current generation of apartment towers are bringing to Melbourne’s CBD.   And when change happens this quickly, our planning laws can struggle to keep pace.  As new development sites dry up, our heritage buildings are coming under increasing threat. Melbourne Heritage Action (MHA) has identified over

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