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City of Melbourne hypocrisy

City of Melbourne hypocrisy

Editorial comment by Shane Scanlan As reported on page 1, the City of Melbourne doesn’t mind paying big money when asked by big media players. In December, behind closed doors, it ignored its officers’ advice to refuse a charity request from a private company run out of the Herald-Sun for $230,000 in sponsorship. This paper

Tensions run hot on bicycle plan

A backlash against further advances towards Melbourne becoming more bicycle friendly was felt when Melbourne councillors discussed a new draft bicycle plan last month. In a direct reflection of polarised community views about cyclists, some councillors expressed thinly veiled resentment that cyclists were again being given non-deserved privileges. Councillors unanimously adopted for public consultation a

Joan Kirner’s stamp on city council

Former premier Joan Kirner was remembered for her role in shaping the Melbourne City Council at the June 2 Future Melbourne Committee meeting. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle spoke of Mrs Kirner’s input into a document which, ultimately determined the current political structure of the council. Cr Doyle said: “I just want to focus on her

Richard’s a true believer

For a local councillor, Richard Foster speaks a lot like a politician. Of course all councillors are politicians, but Cr Foster sounds like a “real” politician – the type you see on TV or hear on the radio being charming, but not really answering the questions. This is not such a surprise when you understand

Council ups the ante on Victoria Market redevelopment

The City of Melbourne last month put its money where its mouth is by buying 6500sqm of land abutting the Queen Victoria Market. The redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market is the council’s biggest project ever and the purchase of the land gives it many more options about how to go about it. Explaining the

The experimental politician

By Shane Scanlan Councillor Arron Wood has an amazing CV but it remains to be seen whether “politician” will be added to the list. His current term as a City of Melbourne councillor is largely an experiment to determine whether or not he is suited to political life. “I thought I’ll dip my toe in

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