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Fancy a swim in the Yarra?

Fancy a swim in the Yarra?

By Sean Car Not-for-profit group Yarra Pools has released a concept for a floating swimming pool in the Yarra River in the turning basin near Enterprize Park.  The concept’s brainchildren, environmental scientist Michael O’Neill and Yarra Swim Co president Matt Stewart, believe the initiative will help breathe life back into the Northbank and create a

Emergency vehicle damaged

Police are appealing for witnesses after objects were dropped on an emergency services vehicle in Melbourne’s CBD early on Sunday, November 20. A Police Ambulance Triage Team, with two police members and an Ambulance Victoria paramedic travelling together, had just finished attending to the welfare of a person in A’Beckett Street about 12.25am when the

Big win for residents in parliamentary vote

The Owners Corporation Amendment (Short Stay Accommodation) Bill 2016 has been referred back to the Environment and Planning Committee for inquiry.  The parliamentary vote has stopped the Victorian Government from introducing a Bill that would only benefit commercial short-stay operators. This is a huge win for the We Live Here movement which has been working tirelessly

Let’s define progress

One cliché often uttered when we’re faced with the heritage demolition is “well, that’s progress I guess …”, but is this statement really all that true?   Where do we find most of our city’s artist spaces, music venues, pop-up businesses and the meeting places – the elements that drive so much of the cultural

She’s a one-off!

Isolde’s contribution to the Melbourne street art scene is in the form of one-off paste-ups! And although they are infrequent due to slowness of technique, her portraits are much anticipated. When they do appear they are a delight to discover! They are realistic renderings in either charcoal or pastel – sometimes which the addition of

Is it really liveable?

Is the world’s number one liveable city really that liveable? Many of its streets and pathways are blocked off or bottle necked with restrictions and diversions for construction work everywhere. Where do the ordinary, everyday needs of people come into this, i.e. this fabulous liveability? It is often complete and utter mayhem, especially if you

Puurfect place to relax

By Rhianna Busler Cakes? Coffee? And cats?  Cat Cafe is the CBD’s first bistro that allows Melburnians to sip on a latte whilst patting an assortment of friendly four-legged pals. With 16 different personalities strutting around, it’s a quirky place for a cuppa. Anita Loughran first opened the cafe with her partner in 2014 on

Airport Airshuttle to halve travel time

Monorail technology that would cut CBD to airport travel time in half is ready to be formally tested. Strategy, planning and development company Peter O’Brien Projects has been developing the air-shuttle project for three years, following similar systems that have successfully operated for a decade in countries such as Russia, China and, more recently, Italy.

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