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Bad taste

I note there is usually very little in this lightweight paper, especially reading the latest edition. Rarely is there anything about the homeless adorning the streets of Melbourne. All the spruiking electoral candidates carefully sidestepped any reference to this huge problem. Or perhaps I missed it? Whatever the public and traders think about this situation

Don’t hijack CBD paper

The CBD newspaper seems like a really good little newspaper for people who live in the city and Docklands areas. However, I must say that I was surprised at the attention given to the We Live Here lobby group. Actually it’s a great name for a group that truly represents the interests of residents in

Open exhaust pipes

Dear Windsor motorcyclist, I am a casualty night nurse who, like you, engages in a shift work timetable and, as you will appreciate, need my sleep. Due to your shift work and noisy arrival and noisy departure, I am awakened when I most need my sleep, after a sometimes heavy casualty shift, seeing many patients.

‘City Limits’: a different take

In the August 2015 issue of CBD News, Shane Scanlan, the editor, expressed considerable disappointment with the book City Limits by Grattan Institute academics Jane-Francis Kelly and Paul Donegan. While some disappointment is justified, I think his judgement is too harsh. Perhaps the authors should not have made bold promises to explain “why Australia’s cities

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