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A toast to modern men

A toast to modern men

Presented by City Precinct, The Festival of Steve is an annual celebration of the contemporary and stylish male. Held on June 3 at the former gentlemen-only venue, the iconic Kelvin Club, The Festival of Steve showcases City Precinct businesses that cater to the modern man’s needs. Now in its fifth year, CBD tailors, shoemakers, barbers

Historic club celebrates women

On March 8, the Kelvin Club held “Be Bold for Change” – a luncheon hosted by influential female speakers in celebration of International Women’s Day. Organised by Kelvin Club vice president Su Baker, 100 diners, both male and female, enjoyed a lunch and an open conversation with musician Ecca Vandal, co-founder of Aubrey Management, Lynne

Residents meet local MPs

CBD residents spent an evening with their local state and federal MPs last month, and ticked off the usual list of issues. The evening was hosted by Residents 3000 at the Kelvin Club on Thursday, June 2. Planning is always a popular political subject, with the prevailing wisdom claiming that there is actually “no planning

Kelvin Club is in ‘kilter with life’

Despite being 150 years old, the CBD’s Kelvin Club is reluctant to define its identity. Rather, it celebrates the fluidity with which it can adapt itself to the present day. President John Dall’Amico describes it as “progressively traditional”, which would be confusing without an explanation. Second in age only to the Melbourne Club, the Kelvin

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