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Colour and movement = Mimby

Colour and movement = Mimby

Mimby Jones-Robinson is a vibrantly dressed and vivacious woman who adds considerable colour to our streets – not only with her art but in her manner of dressing. She is her own canvas! Although Mimby had been painting on the streets for 10 years, her participation in All Your Walls, a street art event in

Aerial view of the proposed hotel site in Hosier Lane.

Supreme Court “saves” Hosier Lane

By Khiara Elliott Developer David Marriner must apply to the City of Melbourne if he wants to build a hotel backing onto Hosier Lane, following a Supreme Court decision last month. The court ruled on September 6 that the City of Melbourne is the appropriate authority to judge his ambition to demolish the old Melbourne

Minister overruled on Forum site

Hosier Lane residents and supporters celebrated a victory last month after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruled that former planning minister Matthew Guy did not have the authority to award a permit to a neighbouring development. Mr Guy awarded David Marriner’s Forum Theatre Holdings permission to demolish the old Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC)

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