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Photographic frenzy!

Photographic frenzy!

A collection of 100 maps documenting geotags has revealed that the most photographed spot in the CBD is the intersection of Swanston and Flinders streets. The collection is called The Geotaggers World Atlas and includes maps of cities from all over the world. The album is displayed on photo sharing website, Flickr. The maps are

An advertising sign no more?

Above the roof of the building at 500 Flinders St there is a large sign currently advertising a car.  The sign structure has been there since the 1970s (though it has not always displayed advertising signage). In a recent VCAT case, Octopus Media Pty Ltd v Melbourne CC [2016] VCAT 2101, the tribunal ruled the

Fish Market c. 1890

Between 1865 and 1892, the Melbourne Fish Market occupied the Flinders and Swanston streets south- west corner. It was of white brick and stucco with a large central chamber 16m high surrounded by 14 slate slabbed stalls, fountains for washing fish, an arcade and room for carts to enter at auction time. The building housed

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