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City of Melbourne hypocrisy

City of Melbourne hypocrisy

Editorial comment by Shane Scanlan As reported on page 1, the City of Melbourne doesn’t mind paying big money when asked by big media players. In December, behind closed doors, it ignored its officers’ advice to refuse a charity request from a private company run out of the Herald-Sun for $230,000 in sponsorship. This paper

$230,000 donation “buys media favour”

By Shane Scanlan A City of Melbourne councillor believes the council has bought political favour with powerful media interests with a $230,000 donation. Finance chair Cr Stephen Mayne says the decision, made behind closed doors last December, to sponsor the Good Friday Kids’ Day Out, was effectively a donation to News Corporation. Lord Mayor Robert

Councillors ‘pissed off’ at Brady Group

Developer Brady Group came under fire from Melbourne councillors on November 17 when they were asked to retrospectively approve a reduction of two levels of parking at 500 Elizabeth St. The Vision Apartments tower was completed and apparently approved by a private building surveyor without two levels of basement parking. While granting the retrospective consent

From community activist to councillor

By Shane Scanlan It’s been interesting to watch Jackie Watts’ transition from community activist to councillor. She clearly struggled during her first term, coming in mid-way through to fill a casual vacancy on a count-back of votes.  This period was marred by a bitter personal dispute with Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and resulted in Cr

Ken and the art of political independence

By Shane Scanlan Cr Ken Ong is very much his own man. He’s a supremely self-confident and forthright maverick with a big, bass voice and an even bigger presence. Unaligned with any other councillors, the self-made-man does things his own way and would prefer not to care what his colleagues think of him. But reality

If you love it, it’s not a chore

By Shane Scanlan If Cathy Oke was an elite athlete, and not a politician, you’d want her drug-tested. She’s half-way through her second term as a Melbourne city councillor with an impossible work-load, including being a new mum, but shows no sign of burn-out or disinterest. Everyone knows town hall politics is a bruising environment

Richard’s a true believer

For a local councillor, Richard Foster speaks a lot like a politician. Of course all councillors are politicians, but Cr Foster sounds like a “real” politician – the type you see on TV or hear on the radio being charming, but not really answering the questions. This is not such a surprise when you understand

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