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City of Melbourne hypocrisy

City of Melbourne hypocrisy

Editorial comment by Shane Scanlan As reported on page 1, the City of Melbourne doesn’t mind paying big money when asked by big media players. In December, behind closed doors, it ignored its officers’ advice to refuse a charity request from a private company run out of the Herald-Sun for $230,000 in sponsorship. This paper

$230,000 donation “buys media favour”

By Shane Scanlan A City of Melbourne councillor believes the council has bought political favour with powerful media interests with a $230,000 donation. Finance chair Cr Stephen Mayne says the decision, made behind closed doors last December, to sponsor the Good Friday Kids’ Day Out, was effectively a donation to News Corporation. Lord Mayor Robert

Pedestrian subway may re-open

The City of Melbourne has pledged $750,000 to investigate the re-opening of a subway between Little Collins St and Southern Cross Station. According to a council spokesperson, the tunnel formed part of the passenger subway through the former Spencer Street Station, before it was redeveloped as Southern Cross Station. “Council has agreed to allocate funding

Residents are a low priority for council election

By Shane Scanlan If you are a CBD resident, the chances are you won’t be voting in the council election to be held later this year, but your landlord probably will. Fewer than a quarter of the CBD’s residents appear to be enrolled to vote and, even then, there is little confidence in the accuracy

Council to start charging for compactor use

After enticing select city businesses away from using bins, the City of Melbourne is working on a plan to start charging for use of its four garbage compactors. The compactors each cost about $100,000 to buy and cost a further $150,000 a year to operate.  And last year the council determined to buy and install

Battle lines are drawn in council election

By Shane Scanlan October seems a long way off, but tensions are rising over this year’s City of Melbourne council elections. The first skirmish of a probably-protracted war took place at the Future Melbourne Committee meeting on February 16 over voting methodology. The battle-lines didn’t take long to form up – with Team Doyle and

Parents trash council

By Eva Garnes Parents at the A’Beckett St Childcare Centre are fed up with rubbish that has accumulated in the street due to non-stop development. They also say the City of Melbourne appears unable to deal with a range of issues. “Every time we call about an issue, there is a new person who deals

Where’s the love?

By Shane Scanlan As we enter the final year of the current council’s term, the perception of councillor team harmony is beginning to disintegrate. Stage-managed unity has been one of the hallmarks of both of the Robert Doyle-led councils but recent events threaten to undermine that. The trouble came to a head early last month

Council applies wrong planning rules

For past two months, City of Melbourne planners have been applying the wrong rules to planning applications, but they say it wasn’t their fault. It was generally understood that when Planning Minister Richard Wynne introduced interim planning controls on September 4 (Planning Scheme Amendment C262), applications made after that date were to be assessed under

Councillors ‘pissed off’ at Brady Group

Developer Brady Group came under fire from Melbourne councillors on November 17 when they were asked to retrospectively approve a reduction of two levels of parking at 500 Elizabeth St. The Vision Apartments tower was completed and apparently approved by a private building surveyor without two levels of basement parking. While granting the retrospective consent

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