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City Square traffic disruptions

City Square traffic disruptions

“CBD News” has the latest information on when and where construction trucks will be travelling to the City Square area during the early works of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project. Members from the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) and early works contractor John Holland told small business owners of their plans to minimise traffic disruption

Explorers to be removed, restored and returned

The Burke and Wills memorial will be removed from its City Square site and restored while Metro Tunnel is being built. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) gained City Square by compulsory acquisition last month and, consequently, the Burke and Wills memorial also. The Burke and Wills Historical Society and the Royal Society of Victoria

Finale for artists’ building?

By Rhonda Dredge Lawyers are advising tenants of the Nicholas Building to think about exit strategies, following gazettal by the Minister for Planning in January of the project land area for the Metro Tunnel.  Several hundred tenants occupy the building, which is one of nine included in a planning scheme amendment that paves the way

Business fears missing Metro Rail compo

A perfect storm of bad timing has CBD trader Gerard Kelly believing he won’t be compensated when the Metro Rail Project destroys his three 12-year-old businesses. While the State Government has pledged unspecific compensation for affected businesses, the City Square hospitality operator thinks he will miss out. This is because his lease expires late this

Unhappy with smoking ban

City Square trader Gerard Kelly is not happy with the City of Melbourne’s open-area smoking ban, which enters its second month in November. Mr Kelly says it’s too early to tell how the ban is affecting his three hospitality businesses, but he has been told by some customers that they won’t be back. He said

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