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A toast to modern men

A toast to modern men

Presented by City Precinct, The Festival of Steve is an annual celebration of the contemporary and stylish male. Held on June 3 at the former gentlemen-only venue, the iconic Kelvin Club, The Festival of Steve showcases City Precinct businesses that cater to the modern man’s needs. Now in its fifth year, CBD tailors, shoemakers, barbers

City Square traffic disruptions

“CBD News” has the latest information on when and where construction trucks will be travelling to the City Square area during the early works of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project. Members from the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) and early works contractor John Holland told small business owners of their plans to minimise traffic disruption

You live here? How well do you know your city?

Residents 3000 work closely with City Precinct, an active networking group comprising many of the city’s most innovative and interesting small businesses. Residents 3000 is a community group in the full sense of the word.  It is not just about meeting the neighbours.  We like to connect our members with the outstanding small businesses that

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