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CEO buries Freckelton investigation

By Shane Scanlan The full extent of allegations against former lord mayor Robert Doyle will probably never be known as council CEO Ben Rimmer tries to kill off the $1million investigation he started last December. Having achieved Mr Doyle’s resignation in February, it comes as no surprise that the leader of Victoria’s most secretive council

Visitor centre to go?

The City of Melbourne has not committed to establishing a replacement Melbourne Visitor Centre after the centre’s demolition at Federation Square. The centre is set to be demolished later this year to make way for the new Town Hall station’s Federation Square entrance. When asked directly whether the council was committed to delivering a new

Melbourne is the most secretive council

The City of Melbourne continues to be the most secretive metropolitan council, with more than a quarter of its decisions being made behind closed doors. The state government on December 1 released its annual survey of local government performance, and Melbourne is getting worse when it comes to including the public. In 2015-16, the City

Revolving door for spin doctors

By Shane Scanlan The City of Melbourne is struggling to get enough “spin” on its media messaging, having churned 17 media advisers since mid-2015. Statistically, in recent times, it has turned over its entire team of seven every year. At the same time, a self-congratulatory report claims that in 2015/16 the City of Melbourne achieved

Wind harvesting

The City of Melbourne, Melbourne University, RMIT and Federation Square are sourcing renewable energy from a proposed Pacific Hydro wind farm as part of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project.  The project consists of 14 universities, institutions, local councils and companies that will purchase 88Gwh of energy from the new wind farm development near Ararat. Deputy

City joins WeChat

The City of Melbourne has officially joined Chinese social media platform WeChat. The council’s international engagement chair Cr Philip Le Liu said: “Melbourne is the only local government in Australia to have access to WeChat’s audience of almost 1 billion people.” “As someone who uses WeChat every day I know this is a great way

Doyle blunts West Gate Tunnel opposition

By Shane Scanlan Melbourne councillors have savaged the proposed West Gate Tunnel project, despite the best efforts of the Lord Mayor to hose them down. At the Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) of July 4, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle cautioned councillors not to get too far ahead of themselves. “I would say to councillors, that we

Darling!  There is a SMS from your bin …

There is not enough space to store the bins.  How we can work smarter to solve the problem? Melbourne’s street litter bins collect 4800 tonnes of waste every year. (Source: City of Melbourne website).  As the number of visitors and residents continue to increase, the council has introduced innovations to help keep our city streets

A $3 billion shopping spree

The latest Melbourne retail and hospitality report has shown that residents, visitors and workers within the City of Melbourne spent $3.03 billion on shopping and dining out in 2015. The surge has been attributed to the increase of residents, students, employees and visitors to our city. From 2015-2016, we welcomed 11.3 million tourists and saw

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