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Claire McArdle ... plans to spend grant money on Radiant Pavilion

Walk the Radiant Path

Walk the Radiant Path

By Khiara Elliott The CBD will be turned into a walking trail complete with map next year, as contemporary jewellery and object festival Radiant Pavilion once again takes place at locations all around postcode 3000. Early last month, the City of Melbourne announced that 67 artists would receive a share of $910,000 as a part

Meet the chief Human of Melbourne 

By Sunny Liu Having travelled around the world for 12 years, Chris Cincotta felt a missing community bond when he moved back to Melbourne three years ago.  Determined to bring more human element to this bustling city, Mr Cincotta started the Humans in Melbourne Facebook page and the Melbourne I Love You Instagram account. Inspired

Infographic detailing development plans for CBD

Building boom is just warming up

If you think the CBD has too many apartments, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!” According to the latest development figures, there are 32,000 more apartments on the way for the CBD. The City of Melbourne’s Development Activity Monitor (DAM) published in September shows that 17,051 apartments have been built in postcode 3000 since 2002. However,

Prof Adams explains the detail to Residents 3000 members on September 1.

Vic Market redevelopment is not just about the market

By Shane Scanlan The redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market, it emerges, is part of a bigger, wider vision of urban renewal. In the wake of increasing scrutiny of the $250 million project, Melbourne’s “high priest” of urban planning Rob Adams has revealed the rationale behind his thinking. In an interview with CBD News, Prof

A young visitor enjoying the Mooncake Festival.

Sharing the Chinese culture

By Sunny Liu If Chinese New Year is the equivalent of Christmas, then the Mooncake Festival is like the Asian Easter.  For many Melburnians, eating mooncakes was a first. Shaped like a full moon, mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries that come in a variety of fillings, such as red bean, sesame and sometimes dried pork.

Protesters outside the town hall on September 6.Protesters outside the town hall on September 6.

Horse permits too hot to handle

By Khiara Elliott With an election looming, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle doesn’t appear to want to talk about horse drawn carriages. Animal activist group Melbourne Against Horse Drawn Carriages (MAHDC), on the other hand, is demanding that its voice be heard. The issue was to have come before the council on September 6, with street

What’s hot at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Ah, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – where style permeates every corner of Melbourne and our city becomes the pinnacle of fashion, culture and events. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or new to the whole game, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is certainly a spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed. However, sometimes it’s difficult

CBD is too good to leave

Pam Dingle was planning to only stay for one year in the CBD.  That was 15 years ago. “I was going to move in for a year, sell the apartment and go back to Armadale,” she explained.  “I’ve been here ever since.” Like many long-term city residents, Pam doesn’t like everything that comes with central-city

Down the chute – Tribunal requires waste chute

As reported in the last edition of CBD News, managing waste in the CBD is becoming more of a concern with the increase in the number of apartments. Ensuring efficient waste management within apartment buildings is also a design issue important for residents. In Riverstone Building Company Pty Ltd v Melbourne CC [2016] VCAT 1035,

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