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Scandalous times

Scandalous times

Critic by Rhonda Dredge There is a naive belief that media exposure will help bring problems into the spotlight, leading to their solution and justice for injured parties. Dr Alex Ling of Western Sydney University has travelled down the east coast to comment on the scandal at the town hall.  The case of the Lord

Charity begins in Bourke St

By Rhonda Dredge Publishers are rushing out Christmas specials this year to make people think. Myer’s sells cards to support the needy but the publishing industry can be just as charitable.  Boxes were arriving at bookshops as early as September. By October the specials were laid out on tables for bookshops to recommend. One delivery

Wearne and his mates

By Rhonda Dredge The world might have become more tonal but our poets still have an ear for the old vernacular. We were an upfront lot who didn’t leave much to the imagination. Alan Wearne, in his latest book These Things are Real, is blunt, threadbare and sardonic – forever the lad. The old guard

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