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Hot box apartments are a health risk

By Sean Car CBD residents face growing health risks associated with heat stress due to poor Australian apartment design standards, a new study by the University of Melbourne has shown.  The Living Well – Apartments, Comfort and Resilience in Climate Change study has found that Australian apartments don’t comply with international standards when it comes

Pup needs more play space

By Nadia Dimattina  LeeLeu, the six-month-old Jack Russell only wants to play but is restricted by living indoors. LeeLeu’s owner, Sandra Sierra, moved to Australia from Columbia three years ago. She believes that living in an apartment is difficult for her playful pup. “I think its hard living in an apartment with such a small

Use your apartment space better

Space may well be the final frontier, but it is the lack of it that is the daily challenge for many high-rise residents.  While the Tiny House and Compact Life movements are promoting the virtues of stripped down living, many vertical dwellers don’t aspire to such ambitious minimalism. In fact space, and specifically storage space,

Vertical living

Melbourne has a long history of apartment living. Pre-war, this was the choice of wealthy bohemians seeking alternatives to the Victorian terrace and post-war. It is reputed that one in eight lived in flats. Melbourne is once again seeing a major change in how many residents are choosing to live, with tens of thousands moving into

New resident lobby group

A new advocacy group to tackle issues facing inner-city residential apartment dwellers was established in December. Known as “We Live Here”, the group was established at a meeting in Docklands in December which included residents from the CBD. Group convenor Barbara Francis is also the owners’ corporation chair at the Watergate apartment complex, which has

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