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UniLodge pays for its mistakes

UniLodge Australia Pty Ltd will pay almost $90, 000 to the Residential Tenancies Fund and Victorian Consumer Law Fund following an investigation which found its A’Beckett St location breached tenancy and consumer laws. The investigation began after a complaint from a resident in November 2014, alleging that residents were asked to pay their bonds directly

Footpath upgrade a waste of money

Approval for major construction will see a footpath upgrade on the corner of A’Beckett and Queen streets potentially become nothing but a waste of money. The upgrade took the footpath from bitumen to bluestone and included works to the kerb, channel, footpaths, access ramps and tactile grounds surface indicators. In total, the upgrade cost $178,102

Metro Tunnel gets underway

The first major works of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project started last month with the closure of Franklin and A’Beckett streets. Franklin St between Swanston and Victoria streets and A’Beckett St between Swanston and Stewart streets will remain closed for the next five years to make way for construction of the new CBD North Station.

Proposed permanent street closures

The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) proposes that Franklin and A’Beckett streets be permanently closed, which the City of Melbourne opposes. The MMRA proposes that one of the entrances to the new CBD North metro station be placed in the middle of Franklin St on the east side where it intersects with Swanston St.  Emergency

New to residential, but many past lives

Many of the buildings we live in had many and varied live before being converted to residential. In this article, CBD resident Steven Myrteza tells of the joy and excitement of discovering the heritage of the building you live in. We were in the middle of a refurbishment of the façade of our building, The

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