Sweet like chocolate

by Aphrodite Feros-Fooke

“We have had her since she was six weeks old,” Jude said. 

Jude is originally from England and moved to Melbourne with his family in 2007. Upon arriving they rescued Daisy, a golden retriever from the RSPCA at the ripe age of 15, and not long after decided to get a puppy. 

“I took a day off school to see Coco and she was just adorable, like my little baby,” Jude said. 

His parents live in Portland, Victoria, a coastal town four hours west of Melbourne. 

According to Jude, Coco had predominantly lived in the country on a 15-acre farm where she had free roam to do whatever she wanted. 

Consequently, she wasn’t so good on a lead, however CBD News observed Coco being very restrained during their park stroll. 

“She is getting a bit lazy in her old age,” Jude said. 

Jude lives in the CBD and Coco is currently transitioning to live in the city, to an apartment on the 17th floor.

“She doesn’t like the balcony,” he said. She has no issues with the elevator though. 

Coco’s father was a black lab and mother was chocolate. Her fur is a warm reddish-brown and despite not showing many signs of her 12 years (70 in dog years) some grey hairs on her muzzle give her maturity away •

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