Study adoption huge win for heritage

By Tristan Davies

After almost a decade of heritage groups calling for a comprehensive review of heritage in the CBD, council voted last month to put forward the first part of its Hoddle Grid Heritage Review, which will see more than 64 new heritage listings recommended to the Minister of Planning.

With the last major study over 30 years ago leaving many gaps, a number of buildings on the list may surprise you. Patterson’s House (now Allans Music) on Bourke St is one, with its green terracotta art deco facade clearly a heritage gem, unrecognised until now.

Others may be more controversial, such as Karl Popper’s 1970s brown brick apartment complex at 15 Collins St, but we welcome the debate about how notions of heritage are evolving to encompass the recent past.

The review also extends protection to much of Swanston St and Little Lonsdale for the first time, where a look above the awnings reveals a lot of hidden heritage, and a key focus on indigenous stories and themes is also refreshing.

We look forward to seeing this review passed in full and wait excitedly for part two next year, which should cover more buildings as well a public art and interiors.

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