Social street party


Representatives from social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations are in Melbourne for a three-day conference from May 7-9.

The major social event is being organised by local social enterprise Kinfolk cafe.

Godfrey St will be closed for the day as 700 delegates descend on the tiny space.  Kinfolk is providing the food and neighbouring Savoy Tavern is looking after drinks.

General manager Jarrod Briffa explained that Kinfolk led the way six years ago for numerous social enterprises which now inhabit Donkey Wheel House in Bourke St.

He said the building was run by a philanthropic trust and a board and is now seen as a unique achievement in Australia.

“What has happened here hasn’t been done before so the conference delegates will be keen to learn all about it,” Mr Briffa said.

He said the Australia Progress conference would bring the nation’s leading social entrepreneurs together to exchange ideas and plan the future.

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