Smiles all round from enlightened decision

Elm Tower OC chair Neil Perry and electrician Frankie Nigro channel their inner-Jedi Knight.

Everyone’s smiling at Elm Tower in Little Lonsdale St since LED lighting was retrofitted throughout the common areas.

Despite a capital outlay of $13,000, the owners’ corporation’s (OC) electricity bill was $20,000 less than usual in just 12 months.

With more power savings on their way, OC chair Neil Perry can’t wipe the grin off his face.

“I’m a business man and I don’t live here,” Mr Perry said. “But, I’ve got to say, that this is no brainer.”

Mr Perry described the benefits as “enlightened self-interest”.

“Everyone wins here.  Fewer carbon emissions and huge savings for owners,”
he said.

Mr Perry said credit for the innovation went to OC member Bill Clarke for researching the subject and finding a reliable supplier.

“Bill is our eco-warrior,” Mr Perry said. “He’s also looking at general and food recycling next.”

Electrician Frankie Nigro estimated that up to 70 per cent of similar CBD buildings could similarly benefit.

Many had done foyers, he said, but were yet to tackle all common areas.

He said another benefit of LED installation was lessened fire risk.  He said out-dated halogen downlights could reach temperatures of 300 degrees.

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