Service stands the test of time

Digiworld Australia is one of the longest-standing computer technology companies in the CBD, all thanks to its understanding of customer needs.

Established in 1995 at its first retail shop on LaTrobe St, Digiworld has been catering to the technology needs of CBD businesses for 22 years.

Now located at 459 Collins St, Digiworld is one of the few CBD technology companies left with a physical presence.

While most of its competitors chose to move online in 2010, Digiworld took a chance and went against the trend. The company closed down its website and focused all of its energy into its CBD presence and business customers.

General manager Sayed Wehbe understood that CBD businesses needed a more specialised service compared with what is available online.

“The challenge for businesses when shopping online for technology is finding the right product for their specific needs … you look for different things than you would when buying a single use home or home/office computer,” he said.

“This requires solid IT knowledge and the time to expertly assess the multitude of offers. The intense online competition can often lead to information overload.”

It is when businesses are looking for expert guidance that Digiworld steps in.

Offering a personalised service, Digiworld and its extensive IT product knowledge does the research for you and finds the best products available to suit your business’s needs.

“We provide everything – not just laptops or desktops. Anything you need that’s IT related, we provide it,” Mr Wehbe said.

However Digiworld’s service doesn’t end with the sale. It also handles maintenance enquiries, upgrades and repairs.

Even if your product has a warranty with the product vendor rather than Digiworld, Mr Wehbe and his team are happy to utilise their long-standing relationships with all major technology brands and handle the communication and repair on your behalf.

It is this level of personal care that Digiworld prides itself on and what sets it apart from all competitors. Mr Wehbe has been a part of the Digiworld team for 10 years, while repairs and logistics co-ordinator Joe Zabaneh has been with the company for 20.

“When a customer calls us, they’ll be speaking to the same person they spoke to three, four, five years ago,” Mr Wehbe said.

“We know our customers and we know their requirements. I think that makes a difference. It’s almost like a turnkey from the day we sell them everything right through until the end of life of the product.”

Digiworld is located on the South tower ground floor of 459 Collins St.
Visit or call them today on 9663 6699.

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