Saved at birth 

By Karina Schulz Wharwood

Walking off his leash, a four-year-old Border Collie, Zeb, was eager to explore his surroundings, wandering around the grass of Birrarung Mar unfazed by his owner’s sudden stop.

Zeb was saved as a pup when Jasmine Tink heard that one of her friends was going to put the newborn puppy down.

“When he was little, we got him a teddy. Zeb likes to destroy everything around him except his teddy and if you say ‘where’s teddy?’ he will find him,” Ms Tink said.

“I’ve also got a cat called Zelda and they are best friends. I only got them a week apart,” she said.

Thinking of getting another addition to the family, Jasmine wants to either adopt or foster another dog.

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