Retired racers lap up the luxury

It’s fair to say that Temple Court resident Joanne Biddles has a thing for greyhounds.

Joanne has two “adopted” former racing dogs and, when CBD News caught up with her, she had some neighbours’ greyhounds in tow too.

Her dogs are (right) four-year-old Burnley Biddles and (middle) 10-year-old Pepper Biddles.  On the left is five-year-old Roger Patrick Kirwan who belongs to Sherlock Holmes hoteliers Mel and Gary Kirwan.

Joanne is a long-term CBD resident, having bought off-the-plan when Temple Court was being converted to residential and has lived there since 1999.

“I can’t cook,” she explained.  “I have to live somewhere close to great food.”

She said having pets in the city was a “humanising” experience.

“And I just love the parks,” she said.

As she is studying at present, she is able to walk the dogs three times a day.

Greyhounds, she said, were terrific pets.  Hers came via the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP), which is sponsored by the greyhound racing industry.

“For only $75 you can have one of these superb pedigree animals,” she said.

But owners are strictly vetted and must be able to have the requisite amount of time and resources to devote to the pets.

Roger, on the other hand, didn’t come through the GAP program and Joanne said was in poor condition when “rescued” by the Kirwans.  Considering Roger had won tens of thousands of dollars as a racing dog, this was a poor reflection on his previous owner, Ms Biddles said.

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