“Rapid-response” cleaners make the city sparkle

By Brendan Rees

A new team of “rapid-response” cleaners are hitting the streets to make the city sparkle as more people return for work, shopping and dining. 

The City of Melbourne has invested $1 million to set-up a “Rapid Response Clean Team” which will be accompanied by a fleet of six new vehicles, including electric graffiti management and electric street sweeper units.   

Dressed in distinctive blue uniforms, the experienced cleaning crews will respond “swiftly” to remove graffiti and rubbish, mop up spills and waste, and maintain street furniture. 

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said as work, dining, culture and entertainment brought people back to the CBD, “we want everyone to notice our sparkling city streets, thanks to the responsiveness of our fabulous new clean team”.

“Our team is agile, fast-acting and on the job seven days a week to ensure the city is the best it can be as we welcome people back,” she said.
“When the Clean Team isn’t responding to calls from businesses and residents, they’ll be monitoring the CBD to make sure the city is clean.”

Environment portfolio lead Cr Rohan Leppert said we the initiative was a significant move.

“We want our iconic streets and laneways to be as inviting and pleasant as our green and open spaces,” he said.  

“Initiatives like this will ensure we remain a welcoming city for all.” 

The City of Melbourne receives around 90 requests for street cleaning and graffiti removal every week in the CBD.

The council removes more than 70,000 square metres of graffiti each year and collects more than 1000 tonnes of dumped rubbish – the equivalent weight of more than 30 trams.  

Residents and visitors are urged to contact the City of Melbourne when they see a job that needs attending, with the clean team to respond promptly.  

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