Puppy Love

By Niccola Anthony

Dexter, a two-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua, has stolen the heart of his older (human) sister Victoria.

Victoria, who studies marketing at RMIT and lives in the city away from her family, eagerly awaits every visit from her mum as she knows she’ll also have a chance to cuddle her precious Dexter.

While it was her mum’s decision to get a dog, Victoria has fallen so in love with her younger canine brother that she dreads when the time comes to say goodbye.

“During the week, I miss him a lot because I’m so attached to him. I just get really happy when he’s around and I don’t want mum to take him home,” she said.

Victoria hasn’t always been a dog lover, admitting that she was scared of dogs throughout her childhood years.

However, once she saw how cute Dexter was, it was impossible to resist his charm and she soon found herself utterly infatuated.

Dexter has also made family visits a fun ritual for Victoria, who now can’t wait to travel to her family home when her schedule allows.

“I feel like I can have a lot more fun with my family. Before, we’d usually have a meal and just chat. Whereas now when I go and visit I’ll spend the whole time playing with Dexter!”

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