Overall crime figure falls in the CBD

The number of reported crimes in the CBD fell in the year to March 31, according to recently-released Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) data.

The overall crime figure dropped from 17,517 in 2017 to 16,364 in 2018.

But not all categories were down.  “Crimes against the person” were slightly up – from 2349 to 2381; “drug offences” rose from 854 to 859; and “public order and security offences went from 2319 in 2017 to 2526 this year.

Categories where the numbers of crimes fell were “property and deception offences” (9493 down to 8427); “justice procedures offences” (2454 down to 2142); and “other offences (25 down to 10).

Within those categories, offences of most interest in the CBD were “assaults” – up slightly from 1611 in 2017 to 1626 in 2018; “robberies” – down from 185 to 161; and “disorderly and offensive conduct” – up from 1817 to 1942.

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