New year, new habits

It has never been easier or more convenient for CBD workers to keep active during a busy work week with the City of Melbourne’s Active Melbourne City Sports (AMCS) program. 

More than 75 per cent of AMCS participants are active three or more times each week, meeting the Department of Health’s recommended amount of physical activity for adults.

Participant Carly Webster from Allianz said: “The AMCS Netball competition has been a great way for our staff to get out and about and keep active on their lunch break. It’s a fantastic opportunity to ensure you make the most of your lunch hour and contributes positively to staff wellbeing and engagement.”

“We love taking part in the competition and are big supporters of what AMCS is trying to achieve,” Ms Webster said.

The program offers accessible and affordable lunchtime corporate sports for city workers in bite-sized formats designed to fit perfectly into lunch breaks.

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