New spin on old-world tailoring

Visit Oscar Hunt in Hardware Lane to discover the fascinating craft that is made-to-measure suiting.

Melbourne is no stranger to hidden gems in lane-ways, forming the intricate vessels that negotiate the heart of our vibrant CBD. It’s a perennial Melburnian tradition. From long-forgotten markets of the 18th century, to cloth suppliers of the city’s famed rag trade, Hardware Lane has been integral to Melbourne’s development through the decades. It’s only fitting that it should house the new showroom of Oscar Hunt Tailors – custom-made suit makers who give an edge to an old craft – and another welcome addition to the city’s fabric.

It was the dream of founder and general manager, Chris Edwards, to make premium suiting available to the average Australian male. “I wanted to offer that wonderfully old-world service of made-to-measure tailoring at an accessible price point”, Mr Edwards said. “It’s our aim to make every suit purchasing experience a truly remarkable one”. Mr Edwards typifies the Oscar Hunt male: Nine-to-five, three-piece suit during the week; a relaxed silhouette at weekends. It’s this fusion by which this country has come to be known, something that is uniquely Australian, but makes for an interesting mix to the uninitiated.

The same could be said of Oscar Lake, the aptly-named head tailor of Oscar Hunt. Having learned the craft as a bespoke tailor at Hemden Shirtmakers and Tailors, Mr Lake transitioned to made-to-measure tailoring in order to reflect the current suiting trend. “I noticed the difficulties in operating as a bespoke tailor in Australia and realised the future of suiting is in the high quality and more affordable made-to-measure.” And it wasn’t just this that inspired him. Mr Lake says, “You can’t replicate the confidence of a client wearing a garment that’s tailored to every aspect of their body and to their style. Not often does anyone get exactly want they want, so it’s a special feeling.”

Oscar Hunt has a broad appeal: From older gentlemen who have a long-founded appreciation for quality tailoring to younger men who wish to step up their style and gain access to the custom-made experience. From initial appointment to the final product, a tailored suit takes six weeks to produce, and starts from $845, depending on the fabric used and the desired construction.

Oscar Hunt is located at Level 3, 43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne; for appointments call
their showroom on 0499 000 011 and discover the fascinating craft that is made-to-measure suiting.



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