New decking for Birrarung Marr

By Rowan Webb

The City of Melbourne has acknowledged growing concern among local residents over the safety of the Birrarung Marr boardwalk.

A council spokesperson confirmed a contract had been awarded to replace the existing timber deck. 

One local resident and regular boardwalk runner told CBD News he had long held safety concerns about the boardwalk.

“On my run yesterday, I travelled along the Birrarung Marr boardwalk and, unfortunately, my runner was pierced by a very large splinter.  The boardwalk is in such a total state of disrepair and requires urgent maintenance,” the resident said.

“The most important thing is to make sure it’s safe. Previous repairs haven’t lasted long.”

The current timber deck will be replaced with fibre reinforced polymer, more commonly known as micro mesh.

The works to upgrade the deck will start in early June and are expected to be completed over four weeks.

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