Melbourne’s happiest kids

By Rowan Webb 

Most of us dread our Mondays, but for Melbourne’s happiest kids it’s another chance to explore the city.

The young fur-children of Julia Fox, Tuppence and Nicol, can often be seen darting across the city’s parks in search of their next adventure. 

With Tuppence being two years old and Nicol only 11 months, handling their energies might seem like too much of a task for some.

But for Julia, life with the young dogs has made every day entertaining.

“They’re lots of fun,” she said.

“We were recently away for the weekend and we really missed them.”

Life with Julia appears to agree wonderfully with Tuppence and Nicol, who occasionally pause their frantic park adventures to deliver hugs and smiles to their owner.

She smiles and rewards them with a treat, before they shoot off to explore the park once more.

For Melbourne’s happiest kids, Mondays couldn’t possibly get any better.

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