Meet Mr Smith

By Nick Obst

The walk home through Flagstaff Gardens is a highlight of Mr Smith’s day, according to Jenni. At 11 years old, the wirehaired dachshund has slowed down a bit, but Jenni said he still enjoyed getting out. 

He’s not particularly boisterous though, and he’s very amenable to being picked up and having a cuddle with his owner.

“He’s a lap dog,” Jenni told CBD News during their walk home. She brings Mr Smith to work with her every day before returning via the park to her home in the CBD, and she said he was “very well adapted to city life”.

Mr Smith is the just right size for a lap dog. As he and Jenni walk through the park he barely comes up to her ankles. 

His scruffy grey hair and floppy ears make him a very cute companion for the commute home, and he clearly enjoys it too! 

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